Rosie’s Corner

‘Rosie’s Corner’ was first published in 2011, when a new puppy came to live with us at St. Paul’s Vicarage.  Rosie contributed to the monthly parish magazine, given her dog’s eye view of vicarage life.  I have decided to reprint the original ones here, with some additions added from time to time.  Sometimes she had more to say than there was really room for, so I had to cut some out.  There’s no need to do that here, so keep a lookout for Rosie each month, starting in September 2018.

There will soon be a new arrival at St. Paul’s Vicarage.  After being puppy walkers for three guide dog puppies VicR, McK and RJ have decided to get a forever dog of their own, and they’ve found me!  I’m a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, and I’ve been told that I’ll soon be following in the paw prints of their late beloved Rowley, so I know I’ve got a lot to live up to.  I’ll be arriving in Clitheroe on Sunday 2nd October, which is Animal Sunday, so that seems a good day to make my appearance.

I was born near Penrith, and that’s where I’m living at the moment. My official name is Spindlepoint Rosie Matilda, but I’m not going to let that worry me.  They’re all going to call me just Rosie, which I like because it has a happy sound to it.  ‘Spindlepoint’ is the name that I’m registered under along with other members of my family, in the same that way that you humans have a surname, and Matilda has been added after the breeder’s little grand-daughter.

Actually the breeder keeps calling me Smudge, but I do hope that name’s going to stick.  The reason she uses this silly name is because I’ll never make a show dog because I’m not quite perfect. (Well I ask you, who is?)  But unfortunately I’ve got a brown smudge across my face where it’s all meant to be white.  However McK thinks it makes me look cute, and she says it won’t stop me from doing the job she has in mind for me.

I wonder what that can be?  I can’t be a guide dog because I’m much too small.  It’s going to be exciting to see how my career develops, and you can read all about my progress here month by month.  Keep a lookout for ‘Rosie’s Corner’.

Key to who’s who:

VicR – Vicar Rodney.  McK  – My carer Kathleen.  RJ (NB – not JR!) Their son Richard James.

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